Moving Stories and Migration

“Moving stories and Migration” targets migrants and asylum seekers focussing on intercultural aspects.
The course is designed to be used with groups where differences in age/generation, gender orientation, social and educational background can stimulate discussion and encourage group members to tell their stories and define their identities.

Project partners from Finland, Hungary and the UK jointly designed the course and the teaching and learning materials, working with many different people who have experienced migration. Here you’ll find simple methods of confidence building and radio skills training that were developed to help people with a refugee background get on air. The handbook gives examples of how telling even a painful story can have a cathartic effect and how the use as trainers of those who have previously completed the course provides positive role models. “It was the first time to hear my voice on something.”(course participant from West Africa who took part at the pilot course in Sunderland/UK in 2009)

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