Are you

    • a school teacher?
    • a social worker?
    • an adult educator?

Are you teaching students at a university? Working or volunteering in your community’s radio station or media centre, or involved in community work and interested in media and teaching?

This is a website where you can find teaching material that may suit your needs.
It was produced by an international consortium of community radio stations, universities and media training projects for a project – CROSSTALK: Moving Stories across borders, cultures and generations - which aimed to reach women, senior citizens, schoolchildren, young people and migrants and give them the skills and confidence to communicate effectively and tell their stories on their local radio.


The CROSSTALK project covered three areas:
Moving Stories and Migration [more]
Moving Stories and Gender [more]
Moving Stories and inter-generational communication [more]

Download free:
- handbooks for trainers
- handouts for your participants*
- questionnaires to evaluate your course

in English, German, Italian, Polish, Finnish and Hungarian
* (most of them in English and German only)

Or search this website for :
- background information about the Crosstalk project
- the project partners
- photographs of our training courses
- project outcomes, e.g. the audio-visual cards produced by senior citizens, children and young people talking to each other about games venues and favourite places in town.

We are happy to offer these course materials for free download. Our experience is that Crosstalk’s learner-centred teaching approach in media training...
encouraged migrants and non-locals to tell their stories and thus get better involved in community life
helped girls and women to reflect on media representations of gender and produce their own radio shows
introduced senior citizens and young people, through interviewing each other, to the differences and unexpected similarities in each others’ lives

Go for it! The teaching and learning materials were designed and tested in different areas, with different target groups in seven European countries.
Award-winnig project:

Grundtvig Award 2012

Dieter Baacke Award 2010

supported by the EU’s Lifelong Learning (Grundtvig) programme

about Lifelong Learning
coordinated by

partner institutions

Crosstalk-post card for download:
crosstalk postcard

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