Moving Stories and Generations

"Moving stories and Generations" targets senior citizens, children and young people focussing on inter-generational aspects.
Designed by project partners from Germany and Italy for a media education project with different generations, the course deals with intergenerational communication and media training. The focus is on play and games, then and now. Senior citizens and children/young adults visit their favourite places, interview each other in turn and produce an audio guide, which takes the listener directly to the actual venues.

Get impressions of the audio tours that were produced within the Crosstalk project: Freiburg-Ebnet, Germany: GE, EN / Freiburg- St.Georgen, Germany: GE / Castelluccio Valmagiorre, Italy: IT

Aims of the course:

• Young and elderly people who live together closely - in one district, village or small town - but often rarely communicate with each other, come into contact and exchange stories.
The course provides senior citizens, children, and young people with the desire, self-confidence, and necessary expertise to make an active contribution to their own community and the local media through their stories.

The handbook gives different examples and course schedules. Whether you work in youth centres or want to do the project with school children (within the school curriculum or after school) or if you work in a home for elderly people and are interested in the idea – you’ll get inspired and find out how to do this course.

"I liked especially, that the prejudices have been reduced or corrected. For example: ‘Children only sit in front of the computer’. And now we heard from them, that they play pretty crazy things, nice things and exciting things. And the children got to know from their elders that they used to play, too." (one senior participant who took part at the pilot course in Freiburg-Ebnet/Germany in 2009)

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