Moving Stories and Gender

"Moving stories and Gender" targets women of different ages, social and cultural backgrounds.
This course, too, is designed to be used with heterogeneous groups whose different backgrounds stimulate discussion and encourage self-articulation. Its focus is gender issues and the media. Course participants reflect on how women and men are generally represented and depicted? How does this affect their perception and understanding of their own gender roles?
Another equally important aim has to do with empowerment – promoting participants’ skills and confidence, and encouraging them to take advantage of the options offered by media initiatives.

Project partners from Germany, Poland and Austria developed the ideas for the workshop conception and the teaching and learning materials for download. Although gender issues are the starting point for this workshop, the insights that can be gained in addressing them can be applied to a wide variety of topics and to the way they are presented. Both in terms of the topics addressed and the style of treatment, community media offer opportunities for constructive action toward gender equality.

“I wish this course could be offered in schools… to bring the subject closer to the youngsters and young people.”
(one course participant from Germany who took part at the pilot course at Radio Freudenstadt/ Germany in 2009)

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