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CROSSTALK - Evaluation

Evaluation asks “How did it go? What worked? What didn’t? What improvements can be made?”
Action research is very similar: the findings are fed back so as to improve the process, something we all do whether it’s learning how to drive a car, use a cooking recipe, or improve a sports skill. Crosstalk was about a participatory type of media, community radio, in which people who are often ignored or misrepresented by mainstream broadcasting learn how to use radio for themselves. So it was appropriate to use a participatory form of evaluation in which all those involved had a voice – the evaluation team, the trainers and the trainees or participants themselves.

The evaluation was based on action research methodology which involved frequent exchange between the evaluation and training teams. Self-monitoring and self-assessment was involved at different phases of the project and the trainees/participantCrosstalk project partners work at a meeting in Viennas themselves evaluated the courses they took part in. The whole process was based on an evaluation plan agreed with the partners and which included a variety of instruments such as questionnaires, observation , diaries and group feedback.

Here you find the detailed final evaluation report on Crosstalk: final report (PDF, 120 KB, appendices follow below)

Trainers, adult educators, media pedagogues and researchers, are invited to use the evaluation instruments that were designed by the Crosstalk - evaluation team and adapted to the different target groups trained in the Crosstalk project. The questionnaires applied at the beginning and end of the training might be found to have a wide, general use, intended as they are to measure the impact of training and record self-perception of skills, knowledge, employability in media production ...etc.:

Evaluation Instruments (ZIP with PDFs, 440 KB)

Evaluation Instructions (ZIP with PDFs, 135 KB)

General Trainer- and Participants' Questionnaires in several languages can be found under “Course Materials for download”.

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