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Activity 2 - Moving Stories and gender

Wieslaw Oleksy, Ph.D

Department of American Studies and Mass Media Faculty of International and Political Studies (FIPS), University of Lodz

Professional Background:
Acting chair- Department of English-Pedagogical University of Bydgoszcz, Poland: 1979-82
Acting chair- Department of English Linguistics, University of Lodz, Poland: 1985-87
Visiting professor- University of Pittsburgh (1977-78, 1990-91, 1996)
Visiting professor- SUNY at Buffalo (1991-92, 1997-98)

2 books (monographs published in Poland and Canada and 7 edited volumes published in Poland, Holland and Germany) and over 50 articles and book chapters published in Poland, Canada, USA, Germany, Finland, and Holland.

Participation in Research Projects:
Co-director of the Project “Advanced Polish Language Textbook” funded by the US Department of Education, University of Pittsburgh: 1989-92.
Participated in European Commission Tempus JEP’s: a) JEP 11414-96, b) JEP 14324-99, c) JEP 14320-99- directed Activity 2. 6. in JEP 14324-99 “English Academic Writing”.
Received research grants from: The British Council, Stefan Batory Foundation (Soros), The Kosciuszko Foundation (USA), SUNY at Buffalo, IREX , Polish Ministry of National Education, Department of Education-USA.

Membership in Professional Organizations:
Polish Association for American Studies (Treasurer- 1994-97), American Studies Association- member of International Committee (2005-08), European Association for American Studies, International Pragmatics Association,Polish Modern Languages Association (Vice-president: 1986-89).

University of Lodz